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Everyone has the right to a life free from fear, threat and violence

Children at the shelter

Children are very welcome at the shelter and are in good hands with us.

Children are always affected in some way by domestic violence.
Children have a right to a non-violent environment and education.
Women's shelters therefore serve to protect women and children.

The children's area is open to all children, young people and mothers.
In a protected environment, children will receive care and support from our childcare specialists.
The responsibility for the child’s schooling remains with the mothers at the women's shelter.
We provide support and advice in the case of conflicts, problems and new challenges always taking cultural differences into account.

Here a child is allowed to be a child - without violence

We assist children and young people in coping with new life situations, e.g. with counselling to help process the experience of/or self-experience of violence.

We support mothers in regard to raising children and the problems associated with separation and change of address, as well as offering support in childcare relating to education and health.

We offer:

Mothers and their children should be able to lead a non-violent and dignified life in the women's shelter and continue to do so once they have left the shelter. Therefore, working with children affected by domestic violence is of great importance in the continuing prevention of violence.

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Help in other languages is offered by the nationwide hotline 24/7:
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