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Everyone has the right to a life free from fear, threat and violence

Life in a women's shelter

Our women's and children's shelter has room for 11 women and 11 children. Single women or women with up to four children can be admitted. It doesn’t matter which nationality or religious affiliation the woman has.

Every woman with or without a child(ren) has her own room with beds, wardrobe, chairs, table, refrigerator and a small bathroom.
The kitchen, laundry room, lounge and garden with playground are shared by all residents.

Every woman maintains the responsibility for herself and her children when she moves into the shelter. This includes shopping, cooking, housekeeping, as well as the care of the children. In addition, small duties in the shelter have to be fulfilled.

Each woman is looked after by a social worker. Together, they can clarify questions that will assist in securing their future livelihood and work through what the trauma they may have experienced. During individual consultations all questions will be addressed and together suitable solutions will be discussed. A general house meeting takes place, once a week.

Each child is also looked after by a children’s counsellor. Children may ask their own questions in one-on-one conversations but can also play in a group and simply be a child.

We regularly offer all residents and children joint events.

Women's shelter
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Contact available 24/7

Phone: 06021-2445506021-24455


Counselling in English
Mo – Do 9:00 – 16:00h
Fr 9:00 – 13:00h

Help in other languages is offered by the nationwide hotline 24/7:
08000 116 01608000 116 016

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